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Canadian Curmudgeon
Hostage Taking Teachers

Normally we have an aversion to hostage-taking: except when it is teachers holding the future of students hostage to their greed. What do they care about students who will not get scholarships and lose the advantages of a degree for the rest of their lives; or that special needs students who need routine are in a state of anguish; or that children are learning by example to harass, abuse and scream to get their own way.

Certainly, these highly-paid, richly-pensioned, job-for-life, teachers for nine months each year, are utterly indifferent to the future of their students: and their childrenís children who will be paying off the provincial debt created by their greed.

The province needs to be moving to more on-line teaching for students: that is where the future lies. Imagine the best history teachers being recorded making our past come to life. Teachers who love math and science making it exciting for students instead of by a drone who took only the one compulsory course to get their BA. Why such programmes arenít available already is a mystery. Classroom teachers would become a resource and tutor . . . actually preparing students for the real world.

And there would no longer be such nonsense as grade 12 students utterly unprepared for the classes ranging from 100 to 1000 that will be their first year university survey courses experience! By grade 12 class sizes should be at least 60 to enable students to experience what it is to work independently, be responsible for their own attendance, homework, projects, presentations . . . come September they will be in residence without Mother to get them to school on time. Come September the professor wonít know their name or care if they are in their seat.

Adulthood comes with responsibility. We need to help students prepare for it: not cater to teachers whose demands come down to working conditions and money. Allowing children to be held hostage is old news. Time to move into the new world of computers and searches that provide a better learning experience than the sign waving protesters demanding a deal that no tax payer should be able to stomach.

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