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The Canadian Dominion
By Charles Marshall (1871) (pdf)


I AM not conscious that this book is written with undue partiality. I am certain that I entered Canada without prepossessions in favour of the country. During a tour of five months through the Dominion, I endeavoured to judge fairly of the present condition social, commercial, religious, and political of the country, and of its future prospects. I have tried to give the result of my impressions and inquiries in the simplest and most condensed manner possible. I believe that, to estimate Canada justly, the country must be compared not only with England, but also with the United States. The contrast which Canada presents to the garden-like condition of the old country and the highly-developed state of English society, is calculated to startle and sometimes to aggrieve the sensitive observer. These impressions are modified when it is perceived that the crudity and roughness of the civilisation are not peculiar to the British provinces, but are incident to the youthfulness of the civilisation of the whole of this new continent. I had the advantage of passing into Canada from a tour through the Eastern States of the American Union, and of preparing this volume after the completion of a visit to the Western States.

The Author
April, 1871.

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