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History of the Bank of Nova Scotia 1832-1900
The Meeting of the Coffee House

MINUTES of Proceedings of the Shareholders of the Bank of Nova Scotia, at a meeting convened pursuant to a notice published in the Royal Gazette and two other newspapers and held at the Exchange Coffee House in the Town of Halifax, this tenth day of May 1832.

William Lawson, Esq., was called to the chair. Scott Tremain, acting clerk.

The names of the Subscribers or Shareholders were then called over and the following persons appeared either in person or by proxy, that is to say:

The following resolution, moved by 'W. B. Bliss, Esq., seconded by Mr. Thomas Forrester:

Resolved, That the Board of Directors shall have full power and authority to make all or any Bye-Laws, Ordinances and Regulations for the management of the concerns of the bank and the government and direction of the several officers thereof, not inconsistent with the Act of Incorporation as they shall from time to time think fit and necessary and such Bye-Laws, Ordinances and Regulations so made by the Board of Directors shall, unless otherwise altered by them, continue and be in force until the next general meeting of the Stockholders, to whom the same shall then be submitted for their approval. Passed unanimously.

The following resolution, moved by Mr. Bliss, seconded by Mr. Forrester:

Resolved, That if it shall happen at any meeting of the Stockholders that the business shall not have been accomplished for which they were convened on the first day they shall assemble ; it shall be lawful for them to adjourn the meeting from time to time for the same purpose until such business shall be completed, and at all adjourned meetings the stockholders may transact and finish any business which at the original meeting, regularly and legally came before them. Passed unanimously.

The following resolution, moved by Mr. W. B. Bliss, and seconded by Mr. Charles Twining:

Resolved, That an adjourned meeting of the Stockholders shall take place on the thirty-first day of May, instant, for the purpose of taking up any stock which may not then be subscribed for. Passed unanimously.

The Stockholders then proceeded to choose Directors in the following manner : Each Stockholder present writing the names of the persons for whom he, or the person or persons for whom he was proxy, voted

upon a ballot with the number of votes he was entitled to thereupon written and subscribing his name thereto. The ballots were then collected in a hat and were drawn therefrom. Whereupon it appeared that there were:

Upon motion of Mr. W. B. Bliss, seconded by Mr. William F. Black, the meeting was adjourned until the thirty-first day of May, instant.

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