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The Canadian West
A Geography of Manitoba and the North West Territories by Alexander McIntyre , B.A.


As far as it has been found possible, the geography of Western Canada as outlined in this little work has been treated from an inductive standpoint, based on the assumption that those who study the "home region" have a fair knowledge of the "earth as a whole" and the "continents."

While this is in no way a picture-book, an effort has been made to assist the child to grasp a broad and strong picture of the country by presenting a series of related topics rather than a great number of uninteresting and unrelated facts. The illustrations have been chosen and the maps prepared with the purpose of assisting in the understanding of the text.

" Each chapter, or lesson, is followed by a number of questions carefully selected. These make a desirable review of the topic. They also invite the student to inquire into geographical facts outside the text, and thus prepare for the more practical geography when the school days shall have ended.

Considerable space has been given climate and life, topics our pupils are usually very ignorant of. It is not enough to-day, when our woods and our wild animals are disappearing, to say merely that the wild animals of Manitoba and the North-West Territories are the deer, the bear, and the wolf. These are the days when nature study should be in evidence in such natural history as geography finds necessary to use for its own purposes. Special attention has also been paid to the industries of the country, as it is felt that the boys and girls of to-day should be thoroughly familiar with the conditions as they now exist, and should be able to give a reason for their faith in the future of the home land.

It is to be hoped that this book may be found to possess a value of its own apart from any use that may be made of it as a school text-book and as a volume supplementary to " Our Earth as a Whole."

The author has to acknowledge very valuable assistance received from Dr. James Bain, Chief Librarian of the city of Toronto; from Mr. C. C. Chipman, Chief Commissioner of the Hudson's Bay Company, Winnipeg; from Mr. James A. Smart, Deputy Minister of the Interior, Ottawa; from Mr. Frank Pedley, Deputy Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs, Ottawa; from Mr. J. D. Scott, Superintendent of Immigration, Ottawa; from Mr. E. Deville, Surveyor General of Dominion Lands, Ottawa; from Mr. James White, Geographer of the Interior Department, Ottawa; from Dr. Robert Bell. Director of the Geological Survey, Ottawa; from Mr. Percy H. Selwyn, Secretary of the Geological Survey, Ottawa; from Mr. W. F. McCreary, M.P., Winnipeg; from Mr. J. R. C. Honeyman, Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture, Regina; from Mr. James Hartney, Agent of the Manitoba Government, Toronto; from Mr. George Atkinson, Naturalist, Winnipeg; and from the officials of the various towns and villages throughout the West who have kindly furnished him with information asked for.

Both author and publishers are indebted for permission to use illustrations to Mr. C. W. Mathers, Photographer, Edmonton, whose beautiful booklet, "The Far North," has been of the greatest assistance in the preparation of this book; to William Notman & Sons, Photographers, Montreal; to Steele & Co., Photographers, Winnipeg; to Mr. R. H. McDuffie, Raymond; to Mr. W. J. James, Photographer, Prince Albert; to Mr. W. M. Van Valkenberg, Regina; to the Nor' West Farmer, Winnipeg; to the Farmer's Advocate, London; and to the officials of the Hudson's Bay Company, Winnipeg.


Chapter I. The Home Land
Chapter II. The Hunter ok the Plains
Chapter III. The Mound-builders
Chapter IV. The People of the Northland
Chapter V. The Fur Trader
Chapter VI. Surface and Drainage
Chapter VII. Climate
Chapter VIII. How the Prairie Soil was made
Chapter IX. The Surveyor
Chapter X. Making the Settlement
Chapter XI. Plant Life
Chapter XII. Wild Animal Life
Chapter XIII. Bird Life
Chapter XIV. Industries
Chapter XV. How our Products are carried
Chapter XVI. Cities and Towns in Manitoba
Chapter XVII. Cities and Towns in the North-West Territories
Chapter XVIII. The People
Chapter XIX. Government


Appendix A. Comparative Land Areas
Appendix B. The Indians
Appendix C. The Fur Trade
Appendix D. Area of Lakes, Hudson Bay, and Spruce Woods
Appendix E. Temperature, Rainfall, and Snowfall
Appendix F. Land Regulations
Appendix G. The Grain Crop in the Canadian West and Other Countries
Appendix H. Farm Stock
Appendix I. Dairy Products
Appendix J. Production of Coal in Manitoba and the North-West Territories
Appendix K. Yield of Gold in Saskatchewan Sands
Appendix L. The Fisheries
Appendix M. Value of Goods imported and exported
Appendix N. Railways in the Canadian West
Appendix O. Statistics of People, Cities, Towns, Villages, etc.
Appendix P. Key to Bird-cut on page 139 (Fig. 93)
Appendix Q. Names and their Histories

This is a pdf version of this book which we found. It has over 100 pictures and various maps and illustrations and is an excellent read. 

You can download this book here!

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