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Muskoka Memories
Sketches from Real Life by Ann Hathaway (1904)


One word, dear reader, before you commence this book. You will be disappointed if you expect to find in it stories of thrilling adventures, wonderful exploits, or hair-breadth escapes; it contains merely the record of the every-day life of a hard-working family. But, as the human race is largely made up of workers, I hope these pages may interest some of them. If any of you, like myself, know and love Muskoka, I hope my little book will afford you pleasure. If it does this, and also interests some who have never visited our lakes, it will have served the end for which it was written.


Chapter I. Retrospection
Chapter II. Farewell to England
Chapter III. Our Sojourn in Toronto
Chapter IV. Muskoka Thirty Years Ago
Chapter V. Bet’s Baby
Chapter VI. My First Visit to Muskoka
Chapter VII. The Shanty at the Farm
Chapter VIII. Love in the Woods
Chapter IX. The Big Boarding-House
Chapter X. Our Summer-Boarders
Chapter XI. The Picnic to Cliff Rock
Chapter XII. The Old Maid’s Lodge
Chapter XIII. Settlers and Tourists
Chapter XIV. Tormenting Tom
Chapter XV. The “Immortal William”
Chapter XVI. Cows and Cow-Bells
Chapter XVII. On Cats! Especially Muskoka Cats
Chapter XVIII. Winter in Muskoka
Chapter XIX. Our Supply Boats

The Muskoka Store

Introduction To Canoeing

The Free Grant Lands of Canada
From practical experience of bush farming in the free grant districts of Muskoka and Parry Sound by Thos. McMurray, J.P. (1871) (pdf)
Guide Book and Atlas of Muskoka and Parry Sound Districts
By W. E. Hamilton (pdf)

Parry Sound, Ontario

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