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Songs of the Makers of Canada
Ode to Canada

Hark how the European throngs
The flag of anarchy Upraise in blood, and cry:
" 0 unto as the earth belongs And kings must die;
Long have we suffered, long been slaves,
Too long the toy of tyrant knaves,
We rise and they must go!"
But thou, my country, Canada,
Heed not,—and grow!

Mark where the polestar glows above,
Steadfast, calm and bright,
Upon the brow of Night,
And beacons as the star of Love,
Of Hope, and Peace and Bight.
Let this be thine exemplar now.
What part in anarchy ha»t thou
Where Freedom's lilies blow?
0 thou, my country,
Canada, Be Pure,—and grow!

East calls to West and West to East
Across thy vast domain:
"Let peace oar -ways sustain;
Strife is the birthright of the beast,
But bonds of love constrain.
What people's heart is kind and pure,
That people's destiny is sure And none can overthrow.
"O thou, my country, Canada,
Seek Peace,— -and grow!

Thy tame has reached the Nations' ears;
They watch thee in amaze Who knew thy weakling days,
And wonder at thy fruitful years
And thy swift, virile ways.
They know not yet the might thou hast;
They dream of glories that are past,
And deeds of long ago.
But thou, my country, Canada,
Be Strong,—and grow!

Yet if thou wouldst surpass in deeds,
Then read thy lineage On History's vivid page,
And learn how they who sowed the seeds
Of thy great heritage
Pressed onward to the distant goal.
Staunch in those virtues of the soul
Earth's noblest only show.
0 thou, my country, Canada,
Serve Faith,—and grow!

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