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Settler's Guide
Or the Homesteader's Handy Helper

Useful Hints and Information, How to avoid mistakes in time and Prevention is better than cure. A Handy Guide to earning a free home.

This little work is meant to serve not only at i guide for intending settlers, but particularly, as its title, "The Settler's Guide OR THE Homesteader's Handt Helper," indicates, as a book of reference for those who have made their homestead entries and are just about commencing the duties required to be done in order to entitle them to free patents for their lands. Particularly has it been the object of the compiler to place his suggestions in such plain language as will enable the reader to understand the practical meaning of Acts of Parliament and Departmental regulations affecting him as a homesteader.

It is to be distinctly understood that this book is not intended to answer every possible point which may come up in connection with the homesteader's work during the whole period of his earning his title, but to give him information on a great number of points respecting his settlement duties, the possession of which in advance will save him from much correspondence with the Department and from many annoying mistakes.

It will have been observed by many settlers that while the information contained in the printed pamphlets and other documents which are so widely distributed by the Government is exceedingly full and valuable, its main object has been to direct the attention of the intending emigrant to the free homes in the Canadian North-West; but, having attained that object, it leaves the settler there, to fulfil his homestead duties to the best of his ability so far as he is able to understand them from the technical language of an Act of Parliament, a task often sufficiently difficult for a skilled lawyer to cope with.

This guide is a microfilmed version of the publication which I've tidied up and can be downloaded here.

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