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Pioneers of France in the New World
By Francis Parkman, in two volumes (1910)


In beginning the publication of an entirely new, illustrated edition of the writings of America’s greatest historian, Francis Parkman, the publishers wish to state that it has the approval of the author’s family, and that it is issued with the endeavor to make it the definitive edition of his works, and an enduring memorial to his fame.

The text used is that of the latest edition of each work prepared for the press by the distinguished author. He carefully revised and added to several of his works, not through change of views, but in the light of new documentary evidence which his patient research and untiring zeal extracted from the hidden archives of the past. Thus he rewrote and enlarged “The Conspiracy of Pontiac;” the new edition of “La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West” (1878) and the 1885 edition of “Pioneers of France” included very important additions; and a short time before his death he added to

“The Old Regime” fifty pages, under the title of “The Feudal Chiefs of Acadia.” The present edition therefore includes each work in its final state as perfected by the historian, and the indexes have been entirely re-made.

The illustrations mainly consist of authentic portraits and contemporary prints, faithfully reproduced from the originals by Messrs. Boussod, Valadon, and Co., successors to Goupil and Co., Paris. The publishers have aimed to supplement the text of the author with portraits and pictures specially described or referred to in his works, and to include portraits of the principal personages in the narrative, necessarily omitting those concerning which the authenticity of existing portraits is doubtful. They have been able to secure for the work a number of interesting portraits taken directly from the original paintings, some of which are in the possession of descendants of the personages of the histories, permission for their reproduction having been generously accorded. Several of these have not before been published.

Full information regarding the ownership and source of the subjects will be found in the list of illustrations prefixed to each volume of the present edition. The publishers desire to tender their thanks to all who have rendered assistance or who have placed pictures at their disposal, including, in addition to those mentioned in the lists of illustrations, L’Abb6 H. R. Casgrain, and Mgr. C. 0. Gagnon, Secretaire des Archives, Quebec, Hon. F. G. Baby, Rev. A. E. Jones, Mr. E. L. Bond, Mr. C. T. Hart, and Mr. William Drysdale of Montreal, M. Philgas Gagnon, Quebec, Dr. F. D. Stone, Librarian of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Miss E. S. Parkman, Mr. George R. Barrett, and Mr. Z. T. Hollingsworth, Boston, Justin Winsor, LL.D., Cambridge, Dr. S. A. Green of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Mr. Clarence S. Bement and Mr. Charles R. Hildeburn, Philadelphia; and the following institutions and libraries: McGill University, Montreal, The Boston Public Library, The Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Chateau de Ramezay, and the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame, Montreal, and at Quebec, Hotel Dieu, University Laval, Convent des Ursulines, and Hopital General. They are also greatly indebted to Messrs. Boussod, Valadon, and Co. for valuable aid in tracing pictures located in France and England.

Volume 1  |  Volume 2

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