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My Canadian Experience
Buying a car (2)

Nothing is ever simple and as I hit the 16th February here in Canada I am still working on getting my car. Because I have no credit history and despite having a co-signatory it seems that the leasing company will only go so far.

They will lease me the car on a 3 year lease and then if I wish to buy it outright I then pay another $1,000 at the end of the term. In the event I want to add additional warranty then I have to put $3,000 down and I can then get a four year lease.

Of course that is all quite simple but then it comes to insurance.  I must have car insurance in place by the end of this month as without car insurance there will be no lease.

So off I go to find car insurance.  My first quote is a bit of a surprise.... it's $5,600 <gulp>.  I then went and found a broker and they got it down to $3,600 <gulp>.  It seems that because I am in Toronto prices here are more expensive.  However that is not all.  I was told if you produced evidence of having insurance elsewhere (outside the USA and Canada) then I'd get a discount.  Problem is that is no longer the case according to the broker.  That means I'm being quoted as a new driver with no experience.

Seems if I went and took the driving test then I'd be eligable for up to 30% discount but that takes time and money.

I then contacted my friend at North Kent Mutual and asked what this would cost if I'm located down in their area of the country.  I was told around $1,800 and that included a 30% discount.  The price would come down a bit further if I also took my home insurance with them. They did take notice of my having previous insurance in the UK.

So... my problem now is to see if I can get a house down their way prior to the end of this month in time to get the car.

I would point out at this stage that while you may well have enough monthly income to afford getting a house and car you will need a fair amount of capital to get you going. It would help if you were employed of course but certainly if you are self employed then it's a whole different ball game. I note they prefer the term owner/operator rather than self employed :-)

In the event you want to get your driver test done or take a driving course you can visit the Ministry of Transport site. Do note for this to count towards your insurance you must go to an approved centre and you will find a list of them on this site. It seems totally pointless in going to an unapproved centre.

And so am off again on a search for a house. At least the lawyer did his job and found the title deed problem from the last house that I almost purchased.  As it would take 3 months at least to solve the problem I just gave up as I needed to do some renovation work to get it in the shape I needed.

I noted that down in the Kent area of Ontario they don't show room sizes on the MSL listings which is a bit naf really as all other areas do show them.  I still wish they'd include information on whether hi-speed internet is available.  Usually you can only find that out my quoting the telephone number to the ISP you will be using.

This week I also attended my first Board meeting of the Scottish Studies Society where I've been elected as a Board Member.  On the agenda is the forthcoming Tartan Day event at which we also announce the Scot of the Year Award.  Looking forward to attending this.

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