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My Canadian Experience
Alastair's record of settling in Canada

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Should you wish to read this in sequence then you'll need to read from the bottom up as at the top will be the latest entry. This done at the request of various folk that have emailed me so blame them not me! :-) Also you should note that what I write in here are my personal impressions of things that I have observed personally. Should I think something is bad then I say that... if something is good I also say that. It is after all a personal journey I am documenting so am not being particularly sensitive to what other people might think. It's like doing a personal diary only in my case I'm making it public.

This project was suggested to me by Canadian Immigration in Ontario when I first decided to look at settling in Canada from Scotland. They felt it could be a worth while resource for anyone thinking about settling in Canada and I agreed to do this.  I will say that being an historian I find accounts of ordinary every day life are extremely rare so in many respects I hope this account will become a good resource for historians of future generations. I do add many links to web sites and videos but of course over the years some of those will no longer work but you might still find the links by doing a search for them or using sites such as the Wayback machine.

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