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My Canadian Experience
Progress towards moving into my new house

This is an update through to Monday 25th April.

As I'm sure many of you know there are lots of things to do when you move into a new house. In my case it's just a touch more complicated in that it will take some time to get my stuff over from Scotland. Not sure what the delay is over there as I notified them a week ago that the move was complete and please get shipping.  It appears they now need to get me a new quote from the one they gave me for Wallaceburg which I don't really understand as Chatham is around 30 miles nearer. So will need to chivvy them up and see what is holding them up as they quote 6 - 8 weeks as it is for delivery.

I have now visited the house twice since purchasing it and all is set in motion and moving forward to my eventual moving in on 9th May.  I've of course had to change my addresses on my various cards.  I've visited the local branch of the Scotia Bank to transfer my accounts to them from Toronto.

I've got lost many a time in Chatham but am slowly starting to find my way around.  In fact I find that I'm located in not a bad spot at all in that I have two large grocery chain stores within a couple of blocks of the house as well as my bank, a beer store and an LCBO where you get the hard liquor. I've even figured out the easy way to get to the house off the 401 from Toronto and also the way to get up to Wallaceburg where I've got most of my furniture from.

On this trip going down on Sunday afternoon 24th we had a fall of snow and the house was freezing when I arrived (the house at Port Crewe where I stay overnight).

Far too cold to go outside to take photos!

This is the Kitchen at Port Crewe with the old built in cupboards

And a couple of interesting paintings on show

On the Monday I headed up for my final visit to Tom & Al's the Furniture folk that I got most of my stuff from and here are some pics of their establishment...

And no this didn't get me any extra discount but after all they did throw in a very nice pedestal table for me :-)

Now while I have lots of cutlery, dishes, etc. coming from Scotland I realised I don't have anything here in Canada so am now a proud owner of 2 plates, 2 bowls, 4 knives, 4 forks, 4 spoons, a salt and pepper set, 2 glasses, 3 pots, 1 kettle, 1 toaster, 1 deep fat fryer, 1 set of kitchen knives, 3 duvet covers and sheets, 1 washing brush, 3 towels, 3 dish towels, 1 frying pan, 1 rubbish bin.  I have bought a fridge, cooker, 3 beds, 2 lamps, 1 microwave, 1 small table, 1 recliner chair, 1 Telephone system, 1 30" Digital TV, 1 DVD player, and 1 13" Digital TV.  Some of the funny numbers are to do with special offers in Wal-Mart :-) I also picked up a wireless router in preparation for getting my Internet service. The last owners left behind a washing machine and dryer so will just use that for the time being as they both work. They also left behind a large chest freezer but alas it doesn't work.  I may need to get a small chest freezer but will see how I get on with the fridge freezer before I make up my mind on that.

The main furniture and appliances will arrive on the afternoon of the 9th when I get down there.  The next step after taking delivery and getting everything installed will be to head to the store to get food, toilet rolls, kitchen towels, washing up liquid, washing powder, etc. etc. 

On the 10th I take delivery of my high speed Internet and Cable TV service. And after that I am at least pretty well set.  I have also arranged to get new blinds for the windows and curtains where needed. They are also going to sand and poly something or other the floor boards.  Did I mention that the house used to be owned by Nuns?  There are a couple of very nice stained glass windows and the floor boards are really well laid out with a stylish design.

As to all the work being done in the house.  Today was meant to be the final one for doing all the electrics and getting a couple of ceiling fans installed. All the basement plumbing has been done, converting to copper piping. Most of the main floor has now got its first coat of paint.  The kitchen cupboard doors have all been removed for painting and new handles. The extract fan for the bathroom has been installed but in the process we noted that the ceiling is rather weak and so we're going to do some extra work on that. We're also putting in a new floor into the bathroom and a new toilet.

The overall aim is to complete all the inside work by the time I get down there on the 9th. After that it will be onto the external work of getting gutters replaced and some roof work done, pruning trees, and having some painting done.

I still need to get details of the garbage system they use in Chatham.  Of course in Scotland we had the "Wheely Bins" into which you just dumped all your rubbish. Here in Canada most provinces, including Ontario, have re-cycling systems so food goes into one box, plastic into an other, cans into another and goodness knows what else. In houses I've visited they have a big list taped to the fridge or wall so they can refer to it.  So.. looks like I need to get that list and then figure out if I need to purchase garbage bins or if the town supplies them.

In the meantime I seem to have managed to gather all the information I need for my immigration application. I will be having lunch with Larry on Wednesday in Toronto and will be checking with him as to a couple of things and then I figure it's down to pulling it all together and getting it into the system.

I have also got myself some business cards with my new Chatham address on them.  I'm told I will need to get my mobile phone number changed to the local Chatham area code from my current Toronto one so figure I'd better get that done before completing the forms. While I do have a standard phone number I've been unable to verify if it works but have left the phones down at the house and they are going to check things for me.

Seems all the work is proceeding within budget so that's good news at least :-)

I was a touch concerned about having visitors with me only having one chair.  I was given some advice as to buying a garden furniture set and tonight I saw a table, umbrella and 6 chairs for only $239.00 which looked to be good quality. The idea is to buy this and use the chairs inside until everything arrives from Scotland and then just put the chairs out on my two porches.  I figured that was an excellent idea so when I get down to Chatham will see what offers are available.

Will need to get a settee and a couple more arm chairs but really want all my stuff to arrive before making a decision about this.

One thing that did cause a problem was that I had an incorrect postcode for the house. I had to place it on a form when changing my SIN Card address and it didn't recognise it.  So.. it was off to the postcode web site where I verified it was indeed incorrect.  I only mention this as it is not something I thought of doing when I purchased the house.

The Scotia Bank were also very helpful in getting my account changed from the Toronto branch to their branch.  I just needed to give them my card and they brought up all my details. They filled in the appropriate form and I just needed to sign that. They are also ordering up a couple of check books for me with my new address. The customer support person gave me her card and told me to phone her if I had any queries so very helpful all round.

Think that about brings me up to date again so the adventure continues :-)

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