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My Canadian Experience
Banks, Cars and Homes

On Wednesday 3rd November I had a meeting and lunch with Larry Hynes from Business Immigration. He was going over options on where I might look for a home and the information he provided was very useful and indeed as a result of this meeting I am now looking to Prince Edward County in Ontario.  It is around a 2 hour drive down the main 401 highway to Toronto. You can learn more about the area at   

As a result of this I will be heading down there next Tuesday where I will get a look at the area and talk to a resident there as well as looking at potential homes to purchase.  All exciting stuff :-)  The pictures on the web site look great and they have huge beaches and lots of nice scenery. It's quite pastoral due to the climate and so am looking forward to seeing it... I'll take my camera!

I was advised that this area is very like the Niagra region where they are famous for Ice Wine and also where they grow an extensive selection of crops.  Being an island, although connected by a bridge and ferry, it is a touch warmer and so the growing season is longer.  Business Immigration were telling me that they are headed for Europe to do a sales pitch for coming to the area to grow wine and the German market seems to be a good proposition.  So.. if they are successful then house prices may well go up!

The other thing I did today (Thursday 4th) was to phone the local Ford dealer to discuss my chances of getting finance for a car.  This was after my experience of being turned down for a credit card.  Well things look hopeful and they tell me that they really don't think there will be a problem.  The one key matter is to do with the SIN card as it seems if I had that I wouldn't have a problem but without it I may have.  Of course as I have already applied for it that won't be a problem apart from the fact it won't arrive for around another 3 weeks.  They are going to check things out and email me back with details. Seems a new car might be a bit of a problem but they have recent owner cars that they sell second hand which they think will be easier to get finance for. 

Nola is trying to sort me out for a visit to her accountant so I can get tax advice on both personal and business matters.  Like I do need to know if there is any advantage in getting a car personally or through the company.  Also need general tax advice of course so looking forward to that meeting.

I think I might just apply for a Canadian Driving Licence as it has to have your photo and thus can be used as an ID which might be useful.

Funnily enough I talked to a person from the US who as a result of the election in the USA is considering moving to Canada. I was recommended as a person who could likely give some general advice on immigration and things to do with Canada such as what were house prices like, etc. 

I might add that thanks to Harold Nelson I have discovered a neat place to eat where you can get either Chinese or Thai meals.  They charge $2.99 for 2 items or $3.99 for 3 items.  So I could have sweet and sour pork and fried rice for $2.99 which is roughly US$2.48 or 1.35. A large coca cola is 90c or US75c or 41p. So perhaps that gives you an idea of the cost of living.

I haven't heard back from Elliot Lake about the rental so that's about a week now. 

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