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My Canadian Experience
Report for August to November 2023

Have been following Jordon Peterson that I mentioned in my last report.  You can read more about him and his family at:

Got a phone call from my Doctor saying she is moving out of the area and thus will be closing her practice. I have been given an appointment in October where she will explain what will happen. Apparently I will be passed over to a new Doctor. I would add that Doug, my handyman, has had two heart attacks but despite this he can't get on a Doctors list. 

I got a series of tests done on my blood as a final check from my Doctor.  It appears I have some kidney issues and was sent to the Clear Image clinic to get a scan done on my kidneys and bladder. While I await the results I will say that I didn't enjoy my visit to them.  The receptionist was a rather cold and uncaring person and then once I got my scans done I asked the man if there was anything he could tell me about the results.  He said he couldn't tell me but it was manner in which he did it that really pissed me off. He said it with a real smirk on his face saying he enjoyed not being able to tell me.  So a real staff problem there and I'd advise anyone being sent there to ask if there was a an alternative place they could go.

It also appears that I will need to go to either Windsor or London to get a follow up visit once the results are in. I've also been advised to drink more water so am now drinking two pints a day now.

As it happens I went to London on 23rd November and was told I should be around 1.1 to be ok but I went to 2.0 which was close to failure.  They told me it had been 18 months since my last test so they couldn't say why I'd got to 2.0 but the good news was that since that test my last test had shown me to be at 1.5 which while not great was at least out of the danger zone.  I had been taking a blood pressure pill for the past 18 years and they did say they thought this was partly why I may have lost some control as I shouldn't have been taking that medicine for all that time.  They have now put me on a new blood pressure pill which also will be of some help with my diabetes.

I have also been asked to take my own blood pressure three times a week and to keep a note of the results for my next visit to them which will be in February 2024.

I will add that it's my old doctors fault for not doing the kidney blood work.  I remember that while she off ill with cancer one of the relief doctors had said as i was getting blood work done every 4 months it was easy to also check my kidneys while doing my A1C diabetes test so he liked to do that.  So as my doctor didn't bother doing the test that was an issue.

One thing I will add is that for the past 2 years I've been suffering with a runny nose and when I asked her about that she just laughed and said everyone had a runny nose.  Well since drinking 2 pints of water a day I've stopped having a runny nose and so I just thought I'd note this in case anyone else has the same problem.

During October Hamas in Gaza attacked Israel and some 1400 people were killed with many others being injured and over 200 hostages taken.  Israel has declared war on Hamas and launched an attack on Gaza with the intention to wipe out Hamas operators. Certainly many more Palestinians have died as a result.

My comment on this is that had Hamas used the hundreds of millions they spent on digging their tunnels and purchasing rockets and other weapons I'm sure the Palestinians would be much better off. Also the people voted Hamas into power so they are reaping what they sowed by doing so.  Hamas are using the general population as human shields by building their tunnels under hospitals, mosques and civilian homes.  In my opinion they are the worst of human beings. The problem is that how does anyone know if there are genuine innocent people in Gaza and how does one attack Hamas when they are so embedded into the civil population?

The war is currently expanding into Lebanon, the West Bank, Syria and with Iran backing them the situation is growing out of control.

In Canada and Europe there are many supporters of Hamas and that is causing some real issues.  Hamas is now recognised as a Terrorist organisation. 

I might add that the war between Ukraine and Russia continues and both countries are suffering as a result. 

We have had high inflation and increases in interest rates and food prices are continuing to increase at a high rate.  I am now ordering my food online through Instacart.  All the grocery stores in Chatham are now available through this service apart from Sobeys. No Frills have just become available, meaning Sobeys is the only one not offering home delivery so  while I used to use Sobeys as my principle grocery store, now I never use them.

Got our first fall of snow the final week of November... only about a couple of inches, so nothing to be concerned about.  It is of course getting colder so perhaps time to raise my house temperature setting?

Got my car in for its Winter service which cost me around CAN$1,500 as I needed new brakes but now set up for the Winter season.

My TV viewing these days is pretty well zero and I now mostly use the Internet and YouTube.  

I am having to decide on whether to continue to run my American company as my US Accountant says in his opinion I'd be better of just shutting in down and just file in Canada.  I find it very difficult to contact my American bank, Truist.  They are not responding to my emails and as I just get the answering machine when phoning them they never phone me back.

Mainly I use the American company for copyright issues as they run on 75 years since publication whereas other countries are 75 years from the authors death so that can be a lot of years before you can use their publications.

I tried to purchase pork pies from BC in Canada but for some reason they can't ship to Ontario, Canada.  I did dig into this a bit and seems tp me that the company could if they wanted to as the laws allow it but they're just too lazy to go through the process.

While I can't find Ox Tongue in Canada I am able to order tins of it from the UK but not allowed to import Pork Pies as they are not available in tins.

Did an update on my Ontario Health Card, Drivers License and Vehicle registration which were all delayed due to Covid but now being implemented again.

From Samsung Canada I got an email in saying...

Iím moving to Canada soon.

What an exciting time. A whole new world awaits, with new opportunities and new challenges.

There are so many questions to answer, big and small: What kind of phone should I use? How can I connect with the services I need? How do I furnish my new home with technology? What technology will help me on my journey? Where should I live? How much does a cell phone plan cost in Canada? What about food, entertainment, and culture?

We understand you have many needs, including furnishing your home and your new life with smart purchases.

You can visit this program at:

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