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History of Quebec

The Scot in New France
The Fall of Canada
A Chapter in the History of the Seven Year's War by George M. Wrong (1914)
Pictures of Quebec
I visited Quebec in September 2011 and took loads of pictures which you can see here.
Montreal: One Square Mile of Canada
This is a program by the BBC about Montreal.
It's history to which is added Biographical Sketches of Prominent Citizens by Rev. J. Douglas Borthwick (1875) (pdf)
A History of Quebec
Its resources and people by Benjamin Sulte F.R.S.C., Dr C.E. Fryer M.A., Ph,D., Senator L.O. David (1908)

Montreal Travel Documentary

Battle of Quebec

On 13 September 1759, on the Plains of Abraham near the city of Quebec, an outnumbered British army fought a battle that would change the history of the world: the Battle of Quebec. For the past three years, Britain and France were locked in a bitter struggle for dominance in the Seven Years War: the world’s first truly global conflict that involved every great European power and spanned five continents, leading some historians to call it World War Zero. One of the most famous theatres of this war was in North America.

Today we take it for granted that Americans speak English, not French, but it could have been very different if events in 1759 had had the alternate outcome. Deep in the heart of French territory in the Americas was Quebec, the nucleus of that nation’s power in the New World. From there the French had inflicted wave after wave of defeats on the British in the years preceding 1759. Yet that year the British decided to launch a bold operation into the heart of New France to quell this threat. It sent a fleet of nearly 200 ships, carry 10,000 men, under the command of General James Wolfe, on a treacherous mission through unchartered territory with the task of taking Quebec.

It was a bold strategy; just reaching New France’s capital seemed an impossible task. It thus required Britain to use its industrial strength, naval supremacy and a scientific approach to fight a campaign unlike any that had gone before. In time this new method of warfare would enable Britain to forge the largest empire in history, with London at its very centre. Yet its future success all depended on victory at Quebec.

In ‘The Battle for North America’, historian Dan Snow explains why the Battle of Quebec deserves to be on your list of history’s most decisive battles. He sets sail up the St Lawrence River, retracing the route taken by the British fleet, and discovers how this pivotal battle shaped the future of the British Empire and North America.

Watch The Battle for North America | Part One

Watch The Battle for North America | Part Two

This feature-length fiction, originally produced as a television miniseries and based on the novel Nuages sur les brûlés by Hervé Biron, explores the colonization of northern Quebec during the Depression-era 1930s. These historical dramas relive the toil, hardship and unexpected rewards of the pioneer. Folk singer Félix Leclerc appears in each episode. Part I: Encounters with the inhospitable wilderness while clearing a townsite. Part II: Struggles for leadership; log cabins are built and the women arrive. Part III: The dangers of frontier life: forest fire, accident, anxiety about bankruptcy, lack of tools, hard labour. Part IV: Big steps forward: the curé brings in teachers and is in turn presented with a new, though rough-hewn, church.

The Promised Land by Bernard Devlin, National Film Board of Canada

Original Correspondence of General Wolfe
an interesting pdf article which includes information on his Canadian exploits.
Quebec 'twixt old and new (1915)
Historic Tales of Old Quebec (1920)
Both of the above books are by George Gale and provide some excellent reading.
The object of this little booklet is to show why the French language is the NATIONAL language of Quebec Province.
A Sketch of the early settlement and history of Shipton
Canada East, By Edward Cleveland, A. M., (1858) (pdf)
French Canadian Life and Character
With Historical and Descriptive Sketches of the Scenery and Life in Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Surrounding Country edited by George Munro Grant, D.D. (1899) (pdf)
Oatmeal and the catechism: Scottish Gaelic settlers in Quebec
by Margaret Bennett (1998). This book can be borrowed from the Internet Archive
Montreal Origins

Nicole O’Bomsawin, of the Abenaki First Nation, shares some of the history of the First Nations that have been established in the Montreal area for centuries.
The Pioneers of Montreal
Souvenir of the seventh annual convention of Telephone Pioneers of America September 10th and 12th 1910 (pdf)
Pictures from my Portfolio by H.R.H. The Princess Louise (1882) (pdf)
Sketches of Lower Canada
Historic and Descriptive with the author's recollections of the Soil and Aspect; the Morals, Habits, and Religious institutions of that isolated country; during A Tour of Quebec in the month of July 1817 by Joseph Sansom, Esq. (1817) (pdf)
The Fight for Canada
A Sketch from the History of the Great Imperial War by William Wood (1908)
1995 Quebec referendum
A good summary from Wikipedia
Stories of New France
Being tales of adventure and heroism from the early history of Canada in two series, the first series by Agnes Maule Machar and the second series by Thomas G. Marquis (1890) (pdf)
In a Fishing Country
By W. H. Blake (1922) (pdf)
When Canada was New France
By George H. Locke (1919) (pdf)
One of Canada's Original Mansions (Stewart Hall)
Lots of Scottish history here! It was originally called Mull Hall after Isle of Mull in Scotland
Historical and Sporting Notes on Quebec
And its Environs by J. M. LeMoine (Fourth Edition) (1889) (pdf)
Nick and Maëla
This Log Cabin Project is a dream that we have had for several years that we finally decided to make a reality. Our goal is to build a tiny log cabin from scratch using as much material from our land as possible. We are building it entirely using hand tools (no chainsaw!. This cabin will function fully off-grid and will be only accessible by foot. Subscribe to follow our journey! [external link]
An autobiography by Frederick Marryat (1849) (pdf)
History of the Eastern Townships
Province of Quebec, Dominion of Canada and Civil and Descriptive by Mrs. C. M. Day (1869) (pdf)
The Pioneers of Montreal
Souvenir of the seventh annual convention of Telephone Pioneers of America, September 10th and 11th 1920
Anti-Gallic Letters
Addressed to His Excellency, The Earl of Gosford, Governor-in-Chief of the Canadas by Camillus (1836) (pdf)

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