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Makers of Canada
Count Frontenac


THE author of the following work desires to acknowledge his obligations to two preceding writers who have dealt with the life and times of Count Frontenac, the late Mr. Parkman, and M. Henri Lorin. The merits of the former are too well known and too thoroughly established to need any commendation at this time. If he charms by the lucidity and picturesqueness of his style, none the less does he achieve a high level of historical accuracy, and manifest the control of the true spirit of historical criticism. The work of M. Lorin is, perhaps, less attractive in point of style, but it treats the whole subject from an independent point of view, and in a very comprehensive manner. It is a treasure-house of carefully sifted facts in relation to the career of Canada's most famous governor under the old regime. A certain French writer once complimented another — a dim recollection suggests that it was Buffon who so complimented President Debrosses in regard to his work on language — by saying that whoever treated the same subject "apres lui" would also have to do it "d"apres lui"; and such the author inclines to think has, to some extent, been his situation in relation to his two able and industrious predecessors. At the same time the present work has not been written without consultation of original sources, and it is trusted that it will be found—for Canadian readers especially— a not unserviceable or uninteresting narrative.



Chapter I Canada before Frontenac, 1608 to 1632
Chapter II Canada before Frontenac, 1632 to 1672
Chapter III The Beginning of Frontenac's Administration
Chapter IV The Commencement of Troubles
Chapter V Divided Power
Chapter VI The Life of a Colony
Chapter VII Governorship of M. De La Barre, 1682 to 1685
Chapter VIII Governorship of Marquis of Denonville, 1685 to 1689
Chapter IX  Frontenac to the Rescue
Chapter X Frontenac, Defender of Canada
Chapter XI Fire and Sword on the Border
Chapter XII The Drama of War - Peace at the Last

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