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Makers of Canada

Here we are profiling the major personalities that helped to build Canada into the country it is today. We are also adding a sub section for biographies of other people that made a difference. When we add a book we also add its author and publication date. In our Makers of Canada section below we have listed the people in chronological order.

As always in a project of this nature we rely mainly on antiquarian resources but we'd love to hear from any of our visitors who feel they could contribute information by way of text, pictures or videos of any significant Canadians that contributed to making Canada what it is today.

  1. Champlain
    By N E Dionne (1909)
  2. Bishop Lavel
    By A. Lebond de Brumath (1909)
  3. Count Frontenac
    By William D. Le Sueur (1909)
  4. Wolfe and Montcalm
    By The Abbé H. R. Casgrain (1909)
  5. Lord Dorchester
    By A. G. Bradley (1909)
  6. William Lyon MacKenzie
    By Charles Lindsey (1912)
  7. Louis-Joseph Papineau
    By Alfred D Decelles (1912)
  8. John Graves Simcoe
    By Duncan Campbell Scott (1909)
  9. MacKenzie, Selkirk, Simpson
    By The rev. George Bryce D.D. (1909)
  10. General Brock
    By Lady Edgar (1909)
  11. Papineau & Cartier
    By Alfred D. DeCelles (1909)
  12. The Life of General The Hon. James Murray
    With a Biographical Sketch of the Family of Murray of Elibank by Major-Gen R. H. Mahon
  13. Joseph Howe
    By Hon. J. W. Longley (1909)
  14. Egerton Ryerson
    By Nathanael Burwash (1909)
  15. Baldwin, LaFontaine, Hincks
    By Stephen Leacock (1909)
  16. Lord Sydenham
    By Adam Shortt (1909)
  17. Lord Elgin
    By John George Bourinot (1903)
  18. Wilmot and Tilley
    By James Hannay (1909)
  19. Sir John A MacDonald
    By George R. Parkin (1908)
  20. George Brown
    By John Lewis (1909)
  21. Sir James Douglas
    By Robert Hamilton Coats and R. E. Gosnell (1908)
  22. Biography of Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal
    By Rev. J. W. Pedley
  23. The Father of British Canada: A Chronicle of Carleton
    By William Wood
  24. Index and Dictionary of Canadian History
    Edited by Lawrence J. Burpee. F.R.G.S. Librarian of the Carnegie Library, Ottawa and Arthur G. Doughty, C.M.G., Litt.D., Dominion Archivist, Ottawa (1911) (pdf)
  25. Sir Frederick Haldimand
    By Jean N. McIlwraith (pdf)

Leaders of Confederation
This book provides sketches on each of the Fathers of Confederation

A Cyclopedia of Canadian Biography
Being Chiefly Men of the Time, A Collection of Persons Distinguished in Professional and Political Life; Leaders in the Commerce and Industry of Canada, and Successful Pioneers. Edited by Geo. MacLean Rose (1888)

The Marquis of Dufferin and Ava
By Sir Alfred Lyall, P.C. in two volumes (pdf) (1905). Was for two terms Governor General of Canada
Volume 1  |  Volume 2

A Cyclopedia of Canadian Biography
Edited by Hector Charlesworth (1919)

Men and Women of the Time
A handbook of Canadian Biography edited by Henry James Morgan (1898) (pdf)

Canadian Who's Who
First Edition, Edited by Elizabeth Lumley (1910) (pdf)

Significant Canadians

  1. Principal Grant
    Queens University
  2. Alexander Milton Ross
    Philanthropist and Scientist
  3. Sir George W. Ross
  4. Father Lacombe
    Who spent more than sixty years of work among the Indians of Western Canada. (pdf)
  5. Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt
  6. David Thompson
  7. Dr John Rae
  8. Samuel Hearne
  9. Bar to Bar to Bench: a Memoir
    The Honourable Gregory T. Evans, C.M., Ont., Q.C., LL.B. (pdf)
  10. Gaasenbeek
    An Immigrant’s Story: Memoirs of a Dutch Canadian.
  11. Alexander Fraser [1860-1936]
  12. Scobie, Hugh, newspaperman, publisher, justice of the peace
  13. The Father of St. Kilda
    Twenty Years in Isolation in the Sub-Arctic Territory of the Hudson's Bay Company by Roderick Campbell, F.R.G.S. (1901). Essentially this is an account of a young lad growing up in the Western Islands of Scotland and then at 16 joining the Hudson Bay Company as an apprentice and sailing to Canada and then an account of his life for the next 20 years or so.
  14. Major Thomas Campbell CB
    Throughout his 63 years was a well respected military officer, a politician and a developer of the Seigneury in the county of Rouville, Quebec and most of all a much loved husband and father.
  15. The Canadian Album
    Men of Canada; or, Success by example, in religion, patriotism, business, law, medicine, education and agriculture; containing portraits of some of Canada's chief business men, statesmen, farmers, men of the learned professions, and others; also, an authentic sketch of their lives; object lessons for the present generation and examples to posterity (1891)
  16. Jack L. Cooke
    A Barber for some 40 years in South London, Ontario. A really excellent book taking us around Canada in his early years and giving us a real insight to Canada in the 20th century. Jack lost his hearing when only 12 years of age due to scarlet fever
  17. John Milne
    This is a book about the Life of John Milne. John Milne understood the value of his contribution to the building of our nation. His stories are interesting, informative and are filled with humanity. Reading the autobiography gives us a very real representation of what life was like in his time when our country was young and virtually anything was possible.
  18. Currie, Sir Arthur William
    Teacher, insurance salesman, militia officer, real-estate developer, army officer, office holder, and university administrator.
  19. George A. Fierheller, C.M., B.A., D.S.Litt., LL.D.
    A mover and shaker in the telecommunications industry in Canada with many charitable actives.
  20. Premier Ralph Klein of Alberta
    A Canadian icon
  21. One Life in the 20th Century
    By Heinz Muller
  22. The True Makers of Canada
    The Narrative of Gordon Sellar who emigrated to Canada in 1825.
  23. Chris Hadfield
    Canadian Astronaut
  24. Donald McCaig
    Famous educationist in 19th Century Canada
  25. Ian Angus Michael Munro
    President of CASSOC
  26. Paul Desmarais
    A key member of Canada's financial elite, and friend to premiers and prime ministers.
  27. Dr Norman Bethune
    China's Hero, Canada's Traitor.
  28. Malcolm MacLeod
    Influential in creating the CPR and building Western Canada
  29. Conrad Black
    Media Mogul and Historian
  30. Philip Gray
    A gifted & brave WW2 pilot, author and friends to many around the world.
  31. Diefenbaker
    Prime Minister of Canada
  32. Jim Flaherty
    Finance Minister of Canada
  33. Farley Mowat
    Acclaimed Canadian author

  34. Charles Fenerty
    Inventor of Paper from Wood

  35. MacLean
    Father and Son

  36. Ralph Connor
    Author and Minister

  37. Bruce MacKinnon
    Canadian editorial cartoonist

  38. William Osler, The Man
    By Harvey Cushing

  39. Alfred Fitzpatrick
    Known nationally and internationally as a pioneer in education.

  40. Constable Daniel Woodall
    Commemorating his life and death

  41. Flora MacDonald

  42. John Hillyard Cameron (1817-1876)
    Canadian Scot and Orange Grand Master

  43. Barbara Boles-Davis
    The hardest working Templar in the Grand Priory of Canada

  44. The Life of John Mockett Cramp, D.D.
    1796-1881. Late President of Acadia College; Author of "The Council of Trent," "Baptist History," Etc. by Rev. T. A. Higgins D.D. (1887)

  45. Murdo McIvar
    A mainstay of the Gaelic Society of Vancouver

  46. BGen (Ret'd) Garry S. Thomson
    Garry Thomson was commissioned in The Royal Regiment of Canada in Toronto in 1963 and commanded the Regiment from 1976 to 1979.

  47. Life of Colonel Talbot
    and the Talbot Settlement by Edward Ermatinger (1859)

  48. Family of Eric Liddell

  49. Pierre Berton
    The historian who shaped Canadian identity more than any other

  50. Duncan McIntyre

  51. Armory and Lineages of Canada
    Comprising the Lineage of Prominent and Pioneer Canadians with Descriptions and Illustrations of their Coat Armor, Orders of Knighthood, or other Official Insignia by Herbert George Todd (1913)

  52. Dent, John Charles
    Lawyer, journalist, author, and historian

  53. John Wallace Baird (1869-1919)
    Professor of Psychology

  54. Across an Ocean and Time
    The World as Seen by Harry Nash by John C. Nash (2014)

  55. Life of Thomas McCulloch
    By His Son William McCulloch, D.D. edited by his granddaughters (1920) (pdf)

  56. William Christie
    Largest biscuit maker in Canada

  57. John Bethune
    Ontario's pioneer Presbyterian preacher (pdf)
  58. Father Lancombe
    Founder, priest and peacemaker
  59. Angus, Richard Bladworth
    Banker, railway executive, and businessman
  60. Canada and Canadians
    By Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle, Kt. Lieutenant-Colonel Royal Engineers and Militia of Canada West in two volumes (1849)
  61. Grey Owl
    The Ojibwa taught Archie their ideas about life and nature. He became angry at the “white man” for treating Indians and nature badly.
  62. Sir John Murray
    Pioneer in Oceanography
  63. William McNab, m.e.i.c.
    Chairman of the Valuation Committee of the Grand Trunk Railway System
  64. William Renwick Riddell
    Lawyer, judge, historian, and author.
  65. Arthur St. Clair
    Governor of the Northwest Territory 1787-1802 by Rachel Marian Jarrold (1906) (pdf)
  66. Lord Shaughnessy, K.C.V.O., Hon.M.E.I.C.
  67. Lord Dufferin
  68. Alexander (Sandy) Craig
  69. The United Empire Loyalists of Canada.
    Illustrated by Memorials of the Servis Family by William Kirby (1884) (pdf)
  70. Edward William Thomson
    By M. O. Hammond
  71. Douglas Brymner
  72. Descendants of James Leslie, Capt 1Sth Reg. of Foot
    Provided by Barrie Leslie (pdf)
  73. William Notman
    Photographic Pioneer

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