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Jack L. Cooke

Jack L. CookeJack L Cooke was born October 17th 1928 and spent his growing up years on the old farm on the Mitchell Road, near the village of Motherwell, in Fullarton township of Perth County, Ontario, Canada. Jack was a child of the 30’s thus he has a much larger dimension of life than those who were born later. He learned early in life the difference between necessities of life and the luxuries. Thus he is better able to appreciate the good things life offers today, yet mourn some of what he left behind.

There was a time when no one locked their doors and milk came from your own cow or was delivered to your door. The mailman came 6 days a week and delivered mail and picked up letters from your mailbox. It was a time when the whole family walked friends or uncles and aunts to the horse and buggy or to the car to say their “Good Byes” because they knew they loved them.

However no one thing changed Jack’s life so much as his hearing loss due to scarlet fever when he was 12 years old. It seemed all plans for a normal future were dashed. The world at that time, much more so than today did not know how to accept the deaf.

After wandering western Canada as a hired man for several years he returned to Ontario and took up barbering. Jack ran his own shop cutting hair for over 50 years in South London. He is now comfortably retired in London. Jack is the author of “Getting By In A Silent World” and a 2nd book “Motherwell - A Walk Down Memory Lane” and a 3rd book called, “Looking Back Over My Shoulder”

This book is provided below in 50 page sections in Word format
© Jack L. Cooke

This book may be purchased here

Part 1 - First 50 pages
Part 2 - Pages 51 to 100
Part 3 - Pages 101 to 150
Part 4 - Pages 151 to 200

Part 5 - Pages 201 to 250
Part 6 - Pages 251 to 300
Part 7 - Pages 301 to 365

Looking Back Over My Shoulder

This book may be purchased here

Here are some extracts from this book....

The Gift of Hearing

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