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One Life in the 20th Century
By Heinz Muller


Heinz Mueller, One Life in the 20th Century . truly one very special life in the 20th century. My father is Heinz Mueller, a beloved and respected individual in both his personal and professional life. When my dad first mentioned that he wanted to write a book. I encouraged him. Of course I should have known that this would soon become an all-encompassing project which would be completed in record time. He simply sat himself down and started remembering and then writing and writing and writing. What has resulted is a wonderful gift to all of us in the family and a treasure chest of Dad's scribbling. which will grow even more meaningful as time goes by.

Sweet memories of a lovely childhood in Zoppot are recalled and then evolve into painful memories of World War II. Some of the stories I can remember having been told in my own childhood but the horror of seeing them in print makes me wonder how anyone could survive such a brutal youth. There is no self pity in these recollections, they are simply stories of what happened along the way. So many people have experienced this type of horror in their lives, some are crippled forever by it but many go on to live happily as Heinz does. I find this very inspiring and humbling as a child who has had a much easier road to adulthood.

Immigration to Canada, early memories of Toronto and the beginnings of starting Wholesale Lettering & Carving. Light, amusing memories of an immigrant starting a new life and a new business in Canada and all told without a mention of the long days and late nights, stress and strain involved in the creation of the largest granite memorial producer in Canada. This is because he loved his trade and had a true desire to improve the industry. It was never just a job. Along the way there are cottage tales, children growing up, the pain of divorce, eventually a new happy marriage and lots and lots of great vacations! Travel and history have always been two of my dad's favourite loves. in combination, they are unbeatable. Now that he is retired there is more time for Victoria and travel, watching .the birds. or doing something different like writing this book. My father's love of life and never ending optimism come across strongly in his writing and I thank him for sitting down and putting his memories on paper.

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