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Ontario Department of Agriculture

This department produced many bulletins on the agriculture of Ontario which helped many farmers and here we are listing some of these that we've found in our research.

Ontario Agricultural College
Bulletin 124. Nature Study, Stories in Agriculture
Ontario Agricultural College
Bulletin 128. Eggs, and other topics on fruits ad vegetables, etc.
Ontario Department of Agriculture
Bulletins 146 to 168 includes, Uses of Fruits, Vegetables and Honey, Fruits Recommended for Planting in Ontario, The Swine Industry in Ontario, Fungus and Insect Pests of Growing Vegetable Crops, Farm Poultry with the results of some experiments in Poultry Houses and Fattening Chickens, Gardening for Schools, Some Facts Concerning Fertilizers and their Use, Insecticides and Fungicides, Farm Forestry, Principles of Tillage and Rotation, Insects Affecting Fruit Trees, Milking Machines, The Production, Care, and uses of Milk, The Sheep Industry in Ontario, Breakfast Foods, Incubation of Chickens, Alfalfa or Lucerne, Bee-Keeping in Ontario.
Bulletins 181 to 208

The Teeth and Their Care, Bee-keeping in Ontario, Notes on Cheddar Cheese-Making, Uses of Vegetables, Little Peach Disease, Children: Care and Training, The Codling Moth, Weeds of Ontario, Farm Poultry, Bee Diseases, Bee-keeping, Agricultural Co-operation, Tuberculosis of Fowls, Apple Orcharding, Insecticides and Fungicides, Tomatoes, Bee Diseases, Lime-Sulphur Wash, Onions, Fruit Juices, Peach Growing, Peach Diseases, Grape Growing in Niagara Peninsula, Cabbage and Cauliflower, Decay of the Teeth, Dairy School, Staff of Dairy, Part I. Cheese-making and Butter-making, Dairying on the Farm, Ice Cold Storage on the Farm, Farm Poultry and Egg Raising Conditions in Ontario. (pdf)
Bulletins 233 to 256
The Preservation of Food; Home Canning, Dairy Cattle, War Breads, Wintering of Bees in Ontario, etc.
Bulletins 257 to 271
Books on Agriculture and Household Science, Results of Co-operative Experiments with Farm Crops, Wheat and Rye, Sugar Beets, Mushrooms, Cheese and Butter Making, Farm Water Supply and Sewage Disposal, Farm Crops, Hay and Pasture Crops, Grasses, Clover, Judging Vegetables, Sheep, etc.

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