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The Real Cobalt
The City of Cobalt Mining Co. Limited

SILVER has a way of intruding itself into all sorts of unlooked for places. One of the future great mines of the camp lies beneath the City of Cobalt itself, and for that reason the name of the company was well and appropriately chosen—and called The City of Cobalt Mining Company, Ltd. The company may be “Limited,” but from indications, all over the 40 acres the mineral is in almost unlimited quantities. A shaft is being sunk at the southern part of the property, and already three well-defined veins have been struck while sinking the shaft, and fifteen veins have been found upon the small part partially prospected. Its value may be known by the producing properties adjoining. It is touched and bounded on the north by the great Coniagas; the west by the famous mines of Buffalo, Nancy-Helen and Cobalt Townsite; south-east by the first find, the McKinley-Darragh; south-west, by the Silver Queen; east, by one of the greatest silver propositions in the world, the Nipissing, and still another whose value was placed at more than a million dollars by some of the best business men in the Dominion, The Cobalt Lake, whose showings continue to prove the wisdom of the men who paid the million. Then to the northeast is the widest known of all, being the second discovered, the Larose, with ten millions of value blocked out, and being shipped in fortune lots—one car reaching the sum of $126,000.

Amid these surroundings, “The City of Cobalt” need but to go contentedly along, paving the way for the stored-up fortunes that lie waiting to be dug out and carried away for years to come. The company are in no hurry. They are getting ready in the most thorough manner possible, the mine foreman, W. J. Donaldson, being a miner of long experience in Alaska and British Columbia, and being most practical, he is sinking one of the safest and best shafts in the camp. Everything shows permanency. “No gophering for The City of Cobalt,” says W. J.; “when we start to ship, we will keep at it, with no danger of running short of material, which we will be able to mine at the least possible expense.”

A mere glance at the list of officers will prove to those who know them, that every dollar will be fully accounted for to the stockholders. These officers are: H. H. Lang, President and Managing Director; First Vice-President, R. F. Shillington; Second Vice-President, W. F. Powell. Directors with the above: A. J. Young, ex-Mayor P. J. Finlan, Milton Carr, B. W. Ley-son, Newton J. Ker, J. Glendening, J. Stevenson. W. H. Lewis, Secy.-Treas.; W. J. Donaldson, Mine Foreman.

The history of a mine is ever of interest to me. The City of Cobalt has its history. It was discovered and organized by Mr. H. H. Lang, an Ottawa man, who does not look like he had been interested in mining for twenty-one years—in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and for a time in Los Angeles, California. He came to Cobalt in March of 1905, and seeing the vast possibilities, set men to work prospecting. Cobalt being vested in the Railway Commission, it was sold in town lots by them. As these lots carried mining rights, Mr. Lang bought 41, and later acquired the mining rights of much of the rest of the town site. He at once interested many other Ottawans, who could not but see the great value of Mr. Lang’s holdings and the company was at once organized, with the capital placed at $500,000, which, considering the property, is very low.

Later.—The City of Cobalt has become a shipping mine, with some of the richest ore in the camp. Mr. Lang, its President an -Managing Director, is now Cobalt’s Mayor. Cobalt makes history so fast that one must rush to keep up.

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