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The Prairie Provinces
A short history of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta by D. M. Duncan, M.A.


Educational film about the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the northwest territories of Keewatin, Mackensie and Franklin in 1943.

Since the publication of this book, under the title of “A History of Manitoba and the North-West Territories,” many events of importance have happened in Western Canada, notably the formation of the Provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. To meet the demand for an up-to-date history a thorough revision has been made. It is the hope of the author that “The Prairie Provinces” will be found to present the story of the West in a form at once complete and accurate.

The aim of this book — the method of treatment being suggestive rather than exhaustive — is to arouse in the boys and girls who attend our schools an interest in the history of the West. To appreciate our country’s past is to take a long step toward the realization of its future.

In connection with the illustration of the work, author and publisher acknowledge indebtedness to Rev. Geo. Bryce, LL.D., Rev. R. G. MacBeth, Rev. J. A. Macdonald, and The Linscott Publishing Company, for permission to use illustrations controlled by them. By their courtesy the educational value of the book has been increased.

D. M. D.

National Film Board of Canada - Life in Early Canada 07 - Homesteading on the Prairies


Chapter I. Introduction.
Chapter II. The Founding of the Hudson's Bay Company.
Chapter III. The Rivalry of French and English on Hudson Bay.
Chapter IV. Exploration.
Chapter V. Exploration (continued).
Chapter VI. The Traders and the Indians.
Chapter VII. The Rivalry of the Fur Companies.
Chapter VIII. The Far North.
Chapter IX. The Red River Settlement.
Chapter X. Missions and Schools.
Chapter XI. The Red River Rebellion.
Chapter XII. Early Conditions in the North-West Territories.
Chapter XIII. The Saskatchewan Rebellion.
Chapter XIV. The Organization of the North-West Territories.
Chapter XV. Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Chapter XVI. The Present North-West Territories and the Yukon.
Chapter XVII. Our People.
Chapter XVIII. Our Government.
Bibliographical Notes.
A Few Important Dates, 1600—1900.
The Pronunciation of Proper Names.

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