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Canadian Content for Children

This section contains content specifically for Children although it is thought that Parents will want to check it out.

A Canadian History for Boys and Girls (pdf)
By Emily P Weaver (1903). I found this book and felt it was an easy book to read with lots of illustrations. Each chapter is quite small and so makes an easy read.  I decided to make this book available as a pdf file to make it easy to print out bits from it.
Three Boys in the Wild North Land (Summer)
By Egerton Ryerson Young (1896) (pdf)
Winter Adventures of three boys in the Great Lone Land
By Egerton Ryerson Young (1899) (pdf)
Farm Boys and Girls
By William A. McKeever (1913) (pdf)
Two Little Savages
Being the adventures of Two Boys Who Lived as Indians and what they Learned By Ernest Thompson Seton (1922) (pdf)
Canadian Fairy Tales
By Cyrus Macmillan (1922)
Highroads to Reading - Book 1
By P. H. Sheffield, Henrietta Roy, Elsie Roy, Grace Bollert (1924) (pdf)
Highroads to Reading - Book 3
A collection of stories (1934) (pdf)
Highroads to Reading - Book 5
A collection of stories (1945) (pdf)
Fifty Winters Ago
By Gates Neill Peardon (1940) (pdf)
Books for young readers:
Animals Work Too (pdf)
Animals are Fun (pdf)
The Animal Parade (pdf)
Lights and Shadows
Or Pioneer Days in the Seventies and Eighties by Peggy Martin (pdf)
Works of D. C. Beard
These book provide simple instructions on how to build shelters, and other items for the home. Instructions on fishing, building an aquarium, and lots of other activities and items.
Brownie and his Friends
A story of Brownie, Elves and the Snails (1940) (pdf)
A story of a little dog and a family that adopted him (pdf)
Trails in the Woods
Unit 5 third reader (pdf)
Preparatory Book to accompany Jim and Judy
by Arthur I. Gates, Miriam Blanton Huber, and Celeste C. Peardon (pdf)
Off We Go
Jim and Judy (pdf)
Early Life in Canada
By J. W. Chafe (1943) (pdf)
The Canadian Brothers
From the University of Alberta Libraries (pdf)
Harry's temptation, or, Christmas in Canada
By Robinson, Anna; C., R. E; Davidson, Bertha G. (1906) (pdf)
Sea, Forest and Prairie
Being stories of Life and Adventure in Canada Past and Present by Boys and Girls in Canada's Schools. (1893) (pdf)
The Island
Or Playing at Robinson Crusoe (pdf)
Little Foxes
Stories for Boys and Girls by E. A. Henry, D.D., Pastor, Deer Park Presbyterian Church, Toronto and Introduction by Charles W. Gordon, D. D., LL. D. (Ralph Connor) (1922) (pdf)
Children's Gardening
Published by the Department of Education, in co-operation with the Department of Agriculture for the free use of the pupils in schools where instruction is given in Elementary Agriculture and Horticulture.
We are now Six
By A. A. Milne with Decorations by Ernest H. Shepard (1935) (pdf)

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