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The Romantic Settlement of Lord Selkirk's Colonists
The Pioneers of Manitoba by George Bryce


The present work tells the romantic story of the Settlement of Lord Selkirk's Colonists in Manitoba, and is appropriate and timely in view of the Centennial celebration of this event which will be held in Winnipeg in 1912.

The author was the first, in his earlier books, to take a stand for justice to be done to Lord Selkirk as a Colonizer, and he has had the pleasure of seeing the current of all reliable history turned in Lord Selkirk's favor.

Dr. Doughty, the popular Archivist at Ottawa, has put at the author's disposal a large amount of Lord Selkirk's correspondence lately received by him, so that many new, interesting facts about the Settlers' coming are now published for the first time.

If we are to celebrate the Selkirk Centennial intelligently, it is essential to know the facts of the trials, oppressions and heartless persecutions through which the Settlers' passed, to learn what shameful treatment Lord Selkirk received from his enemies, and to trace the rise6from misery to comfort of the people of the Colony.

The story is chiefly confined to Red River Settlement as it existed—a unique community, which in 1870 became the present Province of Manitoba. It is a sympathetic study of what one writer has called—"Britain's One Utopia."


Chapter 1
Patriarch's Story, An Extinct Race, The Gay Frenchman, The Earlier Peoples, The Montreal Merchants and Men, The Dusky Riders of the Plain, The Stately Hudson's Bay Company
Chapter 2 A Scottish Duel
Chapter 3 Across the Stormy Sea
Chapter 4 A Winter of Discontent
Chapter 5 First Foot on Red River Banks
Chapter 6 Three Desperate Years
Chapter 7 Fight and Flight
Chapter 8 No Surrender
Chapter 9 Seven Oaks Massacre
Chapter 10 Afterclaps
Chapter 11 The Silver Chief Arrives
Chapter 12 Soldiers and Swiss
Chapter 13 English Lion and Canadian Bear Lie Down Together
Chapter 14 Satrap Rule
Chapter 15 And the Flood Came
Chapter 16 The Jolly Governor
Chapter 17 The Oligarchy
Chapter 18 An Ogre of Justice
Chapter 19 A Half-Breed Patriot
Chapter 20 Sayer and Liberty
Chapter 21 Off to the Buffalo
Chapter 22 What the Stargazers Saw
Chapter 23 Apples of Gold
Chapter 24 Pictures of Silver
Chapter 25 Eden Invaded
Chapter 26 Riel's Rising
Chapter 27 Lord Strathcona's Hand
Chapter 28 Wolseley's Welcome
Chapter 29 Manitoba in the Making
Chapter 30 The Selkirk Centennial

Red River Settlement
Papers in the Canadian Archives relating to the Pioneers selected by Chester Martin (1910) (pdf)

Women of Red River
Being a book written from the Recollections of Women surviving from the Red River Era by W. J. Healy (1923) (pdf)

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